A stonemason named Langham arrived to build the Brothers’ wool store. Limestone blocks were quarried from Dempster Head. A lime kiln was built close by, at the bottom of the headland. Sea shells and grit was used to fill the kiln and then burnt into lime.

The building was near the beach below the homestead. The foundations and walls were limestone with the walls two feet thick. The store had two levels with the lower floor for shearing, stowing bales of wool and skins and storing work gear. A rail track ran from inside the shed floor across to the beach. The homestead store was on the upper floor and housed the family’s stores and the shop items that were available for their workers and travellers to purchase.

Andrew and Emily left the Esperance station to live on a new property, ‘Vine Cottage’, near Toodyay. Edward took his place, and Benjamin Hannett also managed the Esperance lease when the Dempster brothers were away.



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