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Donate Your Treasures

Esperance Bay Historical Society (EBHS) collects documents of all kinds, photographs and ephemera – items that tells the story of Esperance, and its people. Most of our collections come from people who value EBHS as a trustworthy repository for their historical treasures. By donating a little piece of history, they have helped to make the Esperance story richer and more complete for generations to come.


The (EBHS) endeavours to support the Esperance museum; donations received from the public provide this opportunity, to support the museum and develop museum exhibitions.

The “New Era in Agriculture” exhibition completed this year (2018) and the “A D Helms” story, part of the new era in agriculture, was greatly assisted and made possible through donations. Discover more about the exhibition.

A glass display cabinet for the Endeavour replica.  Donor Mr Guy Innes

Endeavour Replica -Guy Innes Donation

The EBHS received a donation from Mrs Alison Atkinson on behalf of Mr Innes (Endeavour replica builder) to ensure a glass cabinet was built to house the exhibit.


Donate -Dempster Family - Chest of Drawers
Donated - Dempster Family Chest of Drawers Notice

Object on display at the Esperance Museum

Your donation helps the Esperance Bay Historical Society to contribute to the Esperance Museum.


There are also several opportunities for you to to add to existing entries on this site. When you visit our ‘Stories’ section for example, you will see contact forms on the individual pages. This allows you to contact us about any items or information that you wish to donate that would help add to the story of that particular person or place.

If you have other items to donate to the EBHS, talk to us on phone (08) 9071 3115 or email us on admin@esperancehistory.com.au


Esperance Bay Historical Society encourages donations that help to build the community’s historical record, however, we are not responsible for taking donations of items intended for display in the Esperance Museum.

Any items donations intended for display in the Esperance Museum should be submitted to the Esperance Shire, who are the administrators of the Museum. The Esperance Shire has a Museum Collection Policy which outlines what Museum donations they can accept.

Read more about Museum Donations and download a copy of the Esperance Museum Collection Donation Policy.


Contact EBHS at Museum front office (08) 9071 1579 or email: admin@esperancehistory.com.au

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