1898 Edward St (Later the Esplanade)

Locate Historical Plaques

The various locations on the map indicate where the historic sites, heritage and memorial plaques are situated. They are recognized as having historical significance celebrating people, buildings and places in the Esperance district.

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Brooks Homestead

Loc 4, Mardabilla, Parmango Road, Western Australia Brooks_homestead Brooks_homestead

Luck Bay

To commemorate the the naming of Lucky Bay by Mathew Flinders. LUCKY_BAY COMMEMORATIVE _PLAQUE

Observatory Point

Twilight Beach Rd, WA 6450, Australia OBSERVATORY POINT

Plaque to commemorate the arrival on 9th December 1792 of two French ships, the RECHERCHE and the ESPERANCE

Rossiter Bay

Rossiter Bay, Lucky Bay Rd, Cape Le Grand WA 6450, Australia ROSSITER_BAY_AND_PLAQUE

Plaque to commemorate the assistance rendered by CAPTAIN ROSSITER to EDWARD JOHN EYRE in June 1841.

West Scadden (Lake Echo) School Site


Truslove School Site


Grass Patch School Site


Rich Meadows School Site

Red Lake School Site


East Circle Valley Primary School Site


Salmon Gums Schools Site

East Dowak Primary Site School Site


Kumarl Primary School Site


Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park Monument, Dalyup

Pioneer_Park_Dalyup W_&_C_ROWSE WE_BAKER  

Condingup School Site

Condingup School / Linkletters Place, Monument and Sign

Linkletters_school_monument_sign   Linkletters Place Sign

Linkletters Place Sign


Deralinya Homestead

Deralinya Homestead Deralinya Homestead Plaque

List of Historical Plaques

Lucky Bay

To commemorate the the naming of Lucky Bay by Mathew Flinders.

Rossiter Bay

Plaque to commemorate the assistance rendered by CAPTAIN ROSSITER to EDWARD JOHN EYRE in June 1841.

Observatory Bay

Plaque to commemorate the arrival on December 9th 1792, of two French ships, the RECHERCHE and the ESPERANCE.

Brooks Homestead

Balbinia homestead and outbuildings remain standing, and remanent orchard and vegetable garden. Mrs Henry Ferby Brooks, who died in 1910, is buried at Balbinia Station. Read more about the Brooks Family.

Pioneer Park

A plaque nearly by the river in pleasant surroundings pays tribute to the first families in the area. Read about Esther Eggeling

The Linkletters Place School Site

This school, known as Linkletters Place School, was opened from 20th Feb 1961, with 8 children. After several small additions, a permanent school in the newly gazetted township of Condingup was built. The Linkletters Place School was closed and on the 27th September 1964, and the 27 students were transferred to Condingup School, which opened on the 28th September 1964.

This site is now on private property, and permission is required to enter.


Historical Plaques_Linkletters_primary_school_Feb_62




Mallee School Plaques

West Scadden (Lake Echo) School 1934 -1949
Truslove School (1932 – 1941)
Grass Patch School 1927- 1934 (1966 to present time)
Rich Meadows School (1927 -1942)
Red Lakes Schools (1927-1945)
The Salmon Gums Schools
East Dowak Primary School (1930-1931)
Kumarl School Site (1932-1941)



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