Emily Dempster was suffering severe pain and was unable to continue on with her daily life. Her condition had become so serious, she had to endure an overland journey by horse and buggy to receive medical attention.

Andrew Dempster hastily prepared for what was to be a nightmare journey, with rain nineteen of the twenty one days. The small party consisted of Andrew Dempster, Mary their oldest daughter and two aboriginal boys.

Emily Dempster departed Esperance Bay after her farewells to the children. The Dempster children rode alongside escorting their parents’ party before returning to the homestead. Emily Dempster died on the 12th October at the age forty eight, after reaching Northam. Emily and Andrew’s youngest child was eight years of age.

The Moir Brothers were granted a further 57,000 acres leasehold at Fanny Cove which had been Charles Edward Dempsters’ pastoral lease, E3. William Moir joined Alexander at Fanny Cove, as it became a small but thriving settlement. Their homestead was completed.



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