On the Esperance Honour Roll of Anzac heroes are three brothers who volunteered for active service and enlisted. Robert. H. Blake (Bob), F.H. Blake and P.J. Blake (Percy).

The Blake brothers had a sister Nell, who along with her brothers had a circle of friends that included the Daw family members, Clara and Keith, Hannett family members, Maude and Bessie, Gibson family members Mary and Jane, Dunn family members Addie Dunn and many others in that age group.

The day time social activities that groups of families and friends would regularly indulge in were picnics, rowing and buggy rides to outer beaches, camel rides and Sunday drives. The picnic day at the Esperance Bay Turf Club races was a social outing for most of the town.

Percy Blake was a shearer and was in the shearing team that sheared the first flock of sheep at the Dempster Lake Wheatfield Shed in 1898. There were 14,000 sheep to be shorn, with twelve shearers using hand blades; the shearing was done in three weeks.



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