The Railway line was finally completed. The completion of the link between Salmon Gums to Norseman meant all the railways of the state were open.

Esperance had gained popularity as a holiday resort for goldfields residents.

The population of Esperance is about 250.


Esperance Aerated Waters

Esperance Aerated Waters Factory relocated, to Lot 67 Windich Street. Boswell Synnot built a residence, and factory on Lot 67 Windich Street. The factory operated until the 1980’s.


Mallee Schools

The Grass Patch School opened and school commenced in the Agricultural Hall until a new school was built.

The Rich Meadows School was built by Boswell Synnot, in the Mallee. Classes had been previously held at the home of Mr & Mrs Townsend. Red Lake, Grass Patch and East Grass Patch schools combined to form Rich Meadows School.

West Red Lake School opened. The school was situated on the Swan Lagoon road and operated until May 1933. The depression had forced the schools closure as many of the settlers left the Mallee.

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