The Esperance 3,500 Farms Scheme under the Immigration Amendment Act of 1924, proposed to settle 3,500 farms in the area between Southern Cross and Salmon Gums. A letter from the Chairman of the Esperance District Business Association expressed deep concern over the number of unsecured loans already extended to existing settlers.

The wheat shipment from the Esperance district increased to 261,000 bags approximately 6,803 tons.

Pioneer Sarah Theresa Brooks of Balbinia Station, painter, botanist dies in Norseman. Sarah Brookes is buried in Norseman.

4,376 tons of grain crops exported from Esperance.

In 1928-29, the Esperance Pine Forrest Ltd. commenced with the development of pine plantations.


The Wellard Hospital

The hospital at Wellard was dismantled and transported from Fremantle to Esperance by sea on the SS Kybra. Re-erection proved a challenge, as the available machinery in Esperance was relatively primitive. Horse scoops and light railway lines from mines at Kalgoorlie were used in the erection.


Wellard Hospital Sketch


The Wellard Hospital opened and remained in use until the Esperance District Hospital was built, in the 1960’s. The building was then converted into the Nurses Quarters and continued in that role, until 1986.




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