Andrew Dempster submitted a tender and won the contract to build a Police Station at Esperance Bay. The building was also constructed from limestone rock with a wooden veranda on one side. The building had living quarters with a fire place, two cells and a day room. The horse stables and yard were enclosed by entrance gates.

The Dempster Woolshed building was completed and used as a store and shearing shed.

John Paul Brooks became a linesman at Israelite Bay Telegraph Station and was there for seven year. By 1879 he  had built a house for his mother and sister. During this period the Point Malcolm leases were relinquished. Sarah Brooks lived in the homestead named ‘Waratah” near the Post and Telegraph Station until her cottage was accidently destroyed by fire, she then joined her mother and brother at Balbinia Station.


The Esperance Police Station


Old Esperanza and Police Station 1912

Old Esperanza and the Police Station, 1912.    (Photographer unknown. Courtesy Esperance Shire Council)


The  police station was built by Andrew Dempster, as he won the tender to build the stone station in 1877. This was the first police station in the district.


(Photographer Unknown)



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