Historic Mallee School Trail Sign Replacement

The EBHS members will be replacing the old signs along the Mallee school trail. The signage records past students, teachers and when and where the schools existed, in the Mallee district.


Two of the old signs which have already been replaced.The sign on the right was destroyed in the 2015 wildfire.

The trail begins from Scadden, heading north  following the school trail. Everyone is welcome to join us for a day out on Sunday the 9th September.

For further details please email admin@esperancehistory.com.au.

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EBHS Website Launch Announcement

EBHS Website Launch Announcement

Esperance Bay Historical Society are proud and excited to announce the launch of the new EBHS website www.esperancehistory.com.au!

The new EBHS website has a clean simple design and consistent site-wide navigation to help you find your way around with ease. It is also fully responsive with mobile devices, making it easy to navigate on a wide range of web browsers and devices. Above all, the website has been developed to allow an easy browsing experience for anyone interested in Esperance history.

This website project was funded by a Royalties for Regions – Goldfields-Esperance Community Chest Fund Grant, awarded to EBHS in 2017. The goal for this project was to transition the Esperance Bay Historical Society into the digital age.

EBHS Website frontpage


EBHS Website Homepage

On the front-page of the site, you will find direct links to all the major sections of our website; About EBHS, Get involved, Collections, Stories, Research, News and Contact Information.


In this section, you can find out how EBHS got started. You can also see a list of our current board members and how the EBHS gets funded.

Get Involved

In this section, you can discover the benefits of becoming a member. Find out about becoming a Volunteer, and how you can make donations and as a result expand the EBHS collection.


In this section, you will find significant historical collections, that will continue to expand over time. Our first collections on the EBHS site feature Nanambinia and Sporting Day Events.


In this section, you will find a ‘biographical dictionary’ which is a great research tool for Esperance historians. The A-Z Search allows you to find biographies of the early pioneers and their families.


In this section, you can travel along the Esperance Timeline, dating from early European settlement. You can also discover more about the Pioneer Graves in Esperance Cemetery. A map shows you where to find the Historical plaques in the Esperance district. Also, noteworthy for day trippers, are plaques of early schools that can be found along the Mallee School Trail.


Above all, we plan to regularly update our site content, as we certainly have so much more to add! For that reason we encourage you to signup for our newsletter, to receive notifications of any updates to the website.

Visit us

In this section, you will find all our contact information, details about the Museum, where our office is located. You can also view some  historical publications we have for sale, at the Esperance Museum.


Social Media

Around the EBHS website, you will see many social media buttons. We encourage you to use these to share pages that you have enjoyed or found interesting. And finally, please like our Facebook page, and spread the word!

What happens Next?

Esperance Bay Historical Society will continue to develop and improve the website. We aim to provide even more historical information to help you study, research and get involved with the society .

We’re really proud of the new EBHS website and we hope you are too!


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New Era in Agriculture Exhibition

New Era in Agriculture Exhibition

The “New Era in Agriculture” exhibition completed this year (2018) and the “A.D,Helms” story, part of the new era in agriculture, was greatly assisted and made possible through donations.

Professor Emeritus Helms from the USA, a Helms family descendant gave a monetary donation to the (EBHS). The Esperance museum now has an archived A.D.Helms Collection 1828-1963: Materials relating to the potential development of the Esperance Plains.

The Historical society has undertaken to promote public awareness of the pioneering efforts of the Esperance Pine Forests Ltd. by researching the early development of the Esperance Plain.

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History Half Hour

History Half Hour

Around 80 locals gathered at the Esperance Museum on 5th June 2018 to hear a presentation by guest speaker Geoff Grewar.

Mr Grewar, spoke about Esperance and the agricultural developments in the area in the 1950’s and 1960’s. He had been transferred to Esperance to carry out research into the development of the land and to extend the results of the research stations findings to farmers. The American syndicate was engaged with the government to develop 1.5 million acres of land east of the town.


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