A Co-Operative Bulk Handling (CBH) Depot was established in town in Brazier Street.

With the increase of farming families in the district, new classrooms were added onto the Esperance Primary School.

There are 394 farms in the district.

Work commenced on the Dredging and reclamation of the Land Backed Berth and breakwater (Dempster Head) (Wireless Hill) as part of the harbour development plan. The 67 acres dredged, 90 acres reclaimed and 2, 5000,000 cubic yards of dredged quantity.

A new Church of England built on original site.

Work commenced to build 40 new State Housing Commission homes.

The Esperance Shire Council builds a new caravan park, ideally situation for view and facilities.

The population of Esperance 4,500.



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