The best decade for our area in terms of agriculture success would be in the 1980’s, and factors influencing this include success in grains and particularly wool. The main crops/commodities grown in our area are wheat, barley and sheep. Community assets include the community hall, tennis court and cricket oval.

Our community’s future plan include the construction of a memorial park featuring early settlers and war veterans. Mallee people are renowned for their generosity and goodwill towards people suffering misfortune and hardships in the form of busy bees for harvesting and seeding. For the community, shearing days, sports days and catering and fundraising events are also undertaken.

In the 1950’s and 60’s bread was sent by rail from the Norseman bakery tor railway sidings such as Red Lake and Grass Patch, and then the children would gladly take it home on the school bus. You can imagine the mother’s frustration when all they received was a hollowed out crust! Many families, I am sure, experienced this.

Compiled by John and Marilyn Guest.

Express Millennium Edition Thursday December 30, 1999.




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