The first school at Condingup was opened on the 20th February, with eight children. The Education Department supplied one Teacher. The school was known as Linkletters Place School as it was situated on Art Linkletters property at Condingup. The school student population grew to 27 children and when the school closed on the 27th September 1964, the students transferred to the newly built Condingup Primary School, which opened the following day on the 28th September.

There are now 394 farms in the district. The sheep population increased from 17,000 to more than 120,000 from 1953 to 1961.

A proposal for a new protected harbour was prepared, following a survey of the Esperance Bay and an economic study of the district development. The study was prepared under the direction of Engineer for Harbours and Rivers N. J. Henry.

The name of the Esperance Roads Board changed, following the introduction of the Local Government Act on 21st June. The local government authority is now known as “Esperance Shire Council”.

The population of Esperance was 2285.



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