The Esperance Port Authority (EPA) iron ore doors were thrown open for a family fun day. The shed has a massive 11,275 square metre floor area.

The export of iron ore (1.5 million tonnes per annum) commenced. Westrail had gained approval from the EPA after the environmental management plan met requirements, which included taking steps to reduce noise levels within the town caused by the operation, possible dust pollution and level crossing protection.

The Ten Mile Beach Lagoon, Wind Farm opened, and an estimated one quarter of the districts power needs were supplied from the wind generation farms.

Residents of Esperance and District were invited to a heritage celebration, as part of the process of compiling a Municipal Heritage Inventory, undertaken to comply with the Heritage Act of 1990.

A central block of shops, involving four adjoining buildings in Dempster Street, were sold at auction for $400,000.00. The property was the estate of the late Reg Synnot.

Monjingup lake and park area project commences.

The town’s population was 11,651.




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