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Brief Outline of Esperance History

Since European Discovery and Settlement

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Esperance Timeline

1872Dempster's First Permanent Building

Dempster’s First Permanent Building

The first permanent building on the Dempsters’ freehold was the family’s one room residence, built using limestone and was to be the beginning of a more substantial building. The Dempster brothers built the first landing place at Esperance Bay. The small jetty was known as little jetty or Dempster’s jetty...Discover More

1873The Ponton Brothers and the Moir Brothers

The Ponton Brothers

The Ponton Brothers Stephen and William had arrived in Fremantle from England in 1859. Stephen was married to Anne Ryan after he had been granted a conditional pardon from a convict settlement. There were two children from this marriage before his wife became ill and died. The brothers formed a..Discover More

1874The Brooks and Dempster Homestead

John Paul Brooks & Emily Henrietta Nee Donovan

John Paul Brooks (1848-1930), his mother Emily Henrietta nee Donovan (c.1833-1911) and sister Sarah Theresa Brooks (1850-1928), passed through Esperance and settled inland from Point Malcolm, and later north of Mt Ragged at Balbinia Station. Their first dwelling after they reached Point Malcolm was a small wattle and daub hut...Discover More

1875Stonemason Langham

Stonemason Langham

A stonemason named Langham arrived to build the Brothers’ wool store. Limestone blocks were quarried from Dempster Head. A lime kiln was built close by, at the bottom of the headland. Sea shells and grit was used to fill the kiln and then burnt into lime. The building was near..Discover More

1875Esperance Telegraph Repeater Station - 1st Government Building

The Esperance Telegraph Repeater Station

The Esperance Telegraph repeater station at Esperance Bay was opened on 8th September. The small settlement on the Esperance coastal plain had played an important role in the establishment of this telegraph service. Esperance Telegraph station became an important link in the chain of communication. During the east – west..Discover More

1876Israelite Bay Telegraph

Israelite Bay Telegraph Station

The Israelite Bay Telegraph station was opened on 5th December by Horace Stirling, a telegraph cadet. He became the editor of the newspaper “Inquirer” and “Daily News”. The Israelite Bay Post and Telegraph Station situated at Israelite Bay 124 miles (200km) east of Esperance Bay linked the telegraph communication from..Discover More

1877First Police station

Andrew Dempster Wins Contract to Build First Police Station

Andrew Dempster submitted a tender and won the contract to build a Police Station at Esperance Bay. The building was also constructed from limestone rock with a wooden veranda on one side. The building had living quarters with a fire place, two cells and a day room. The horse stables..Discover More

1878John Moir Killed - Fanny Cove Homestead
Fanny Cove Homestead

John Moir Killed

John Moir, one of the original settlers at Fanny Cove, was killed in retribution by aborigines John Moir was buried near the homestead. Andrew and Emily Dempster returned to Esperance with their family. Further additions were made to the homestead.   Image above: FANNY COVE HOMESTEAD – Artist Mrs.Dorothy Andre ..Discover More

1879Police Station Opens

Police Station Opened

The first Police Station at Esperance Bay, built by Andrew Dempster was opened on the 13th March. The officers appointed to man the station were Police Constable George Truslove and Lance Corporal Walter Coppin. They were to take charge of a district extending from Bremer Bay to Eucla. All offences..Discover More

1880John Dunn Killed

John Dunn Killed

John Dunn was killed at ‘Cocanarup’ by aborigines whose tribe may have suffered at the hands of the white man. Brothers John and James Dunn were attacked. John was killed and James was injured, but recovered. Constable George Truslove arrested Yungula the aboriginal who had killed John Dunn on the..Discover More


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